Credit for Caring

Credit for Caring (aka The Caring App) is a mobile app for caregivers providing home care to family, young & elderly, dementia, and other physical or mental conditions. The Credit for Caring app offers an online care how-to-guide that recommends high quality, low cost products, services and strategies.

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Credit for Caring Features

Created by health care professionals, the FREE Credit for Caring App puts useful tools for caregivers in the palm of your hand.

Caregiver Corner

Get started on your caregiving journey by learning from our healthcare professionals.


Easy surveys highlight the emotional, physical and spiritual elements followed by recommendations for building energy reserves.

Safety Checks

Keep track and expose potential hazards while preventing injuries to keep a safe environment.


Daily Activities

Brushing, washing, dressing and more are part of the everyday tasks caregivers perform. Keep track of these easily.

Ability Tracker

Ability tracker offers surveys and recommendations that encourage caregivers to reach out and ask for help from others.

Amazon Shopping

The one stop shopping center (provided by Amazon) offers products and services selected by health care professionals for their quality and cost.

Now available on the App Store & Google Play

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